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Church Logistic Information
Church Logistic Information
County has predetermined PODS throughout the county. They will be open only as needed. Are there any members of your church that would be willing to work at a POD Location?

This would be a church on an evacuation route. During an evacuation people may wait to the last moment to leave and realize it is too late and cannot travel anymore. Would your church be willing to open their doors for these individuals to ride out the storm.

Service Point:
Is a management type data base to keep record of people requesting assistance, to avoid duplication. Does your church use service point?
Feeding Station (Self Means):
Can your facility be used to feed volunteers or citizens by self means?

Feeding Station (Red Cross):
Can your facility be used to feed volunteers or citizens with the assistance of Red Cross?
Feeding Station (Salvation Army):
Can your facility be used to feed volunteers and/or citizens with the assistance of Salvation Army
Distribution Center:
Have storage available to store items brought into the county from other volunteer organizations or individuals for citizens of Santa Rosa County, i.e. baby items, non perishable foods, cleaning supplies.
Does your church have trained members available to help volunteers and or citizens due to the disaster situation they are facing.

Welfare Checks:
After every disaster we get requests from out of town friends and family to check on their friends and family here. Does your church have members that can check on citizens in their area? It may be making a phone call or going to residence and leaving a message.

Do you have members of your church that would be willing to transport citizens to the doctors or shelter or to get assistance after a disaster.
Volunteer Housing:
Is your church willing and legally able to house volunteers that have come from out of state to assistant the citizens after a disaster. If so how many volunteers can your facility handle.
Shelter Manager:
Does your church have Red Cross Trained Shelter Managers, if so how many?

Additional Comments & Notes: